Fonts & Keyboard Templates

Latest version of the GU Font [ver. 5.110, October 2008] for PC and Mac

The EBMP uses a number of specialized fonts and keyboards developed by Andrew Glass. A selection of these fonts are available here. If you need help with setting up your computer and web browser to use Unicode, please consult Alan Wood's Unicode Resources page. See also the FAQ page for Gandhari Unicode.

The Gandhari Unicode fonts are based on an original Postscript font called "Nimbus Roman No9 L" created by URW++ Design and Development Incorporated and donated to the free software community under the GNU General Public License. The Nimbus Roman No9 L font is itself based on the design for Times New Roman by Stanley Morison (original trademark holder Monotype corporation). The Gandhari fonts have been extended to display the special diacritics necessary for Sanskrit and Gāndhārī and come in Roman, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic styles.